Our business has had an established presence as a Full Service Provider to OEMs and Tier suppliers for decades. In fact, we can trace our roots all the way back to the 19th Century. So, while the Optimas Solutions brand is still young, our knowledge, skills and passion date back across the generations.

Read through the timeline below to get a better understanding of our heritage.

1890 - Infast group plc

We can trace our earliest roots back to the 19th Century. This was the year that the engineering and manufacturing business, P. and W. MacLellan registered as a limited company.

We know that by 1911 the company was a successful manufacturer of fasteners and components for the railway industry. As the company grew it branched out into other specialties and eventually became Infast Group PLC, a leading supplier to the automotive, agriculture and off-highway industries.

A portion of the Infast Group now resides within the Optimas brand. Some of our key employees have been with the business for over 30 years.

1932 - Barton

Barton is the UK’s oldest cold forging manufacturer, formed in the back room of pub called the Barton Arms in the UK by Cyril Field. Cyril was the inventor of the Fixt-nut, which was used extensively in the automotive industry for half a century.

Barton’s manufacturing capabilities have come a long way since the early days, we recently relocated to a custom built, 5,100m2 facility which is accredited to ISO14001, ISO9001 and IATF16949 standards.

All of the staff at Barton are proud of the company’s heritage; none more so than Mark Field, grandson to Cyril.

1946 - Camille Gergen

Camille Gergen represents our oldest footprint on continental Europe having been founded in Germany as a supplier of screws, standard parts and connectors to industrial manufacturers.

The brand was originally acquired by the group to aid expansion of its European operations, creating a physical presence in Germany.

Many of our current employees started out with Gergen, with unbroken commitments to the brand and its customers of over 40 years in some cases.

1951 - MFU Holdings S.P.A.

MFU Holdings was brought into the group as part of a strategic expansion into the European market.

Having been founded in Italy half way through the 20th Century, MFU Holdings was a successful distributor of fastener products when it was acquired.

We still retain many employees who were with MFU Holdings prior to the acquisition and continue to work with their long term customers in the motorcycle, agriculture and truck industries.

1952 - Walters Hexagon Group Ltd.

Walters Hexagon was a major distributor of components and provider of inventory management services to the European market. Thanks to its ownership of other long established brands, such as Heyco Ltd., it offered an extremely broad product offering of fastener, c-class and plastic components as well as cable management solutions.

Many of our leading European personnel came to us through Walters Hexagon Group and the acquisition saw the group become recognised as a market leader in Europe. The Heyco brand has also integrated into our group and is now known as Optimas Components.

1956 - Sofrasar SA

Headquartered in France, Sofrasar adds another dimension to our offering as a specialist supplier to the tunnelling industry.

The department works on many of the largest tunnelling projects around the globe including travel infrastructure and civil engineering. Its specialty is the design and supply of specialised fastener components for pre-cast concrete projects.

1977 - Quality Screw & Nut

Our North American manufacturing capabilities, located in Wood Dale, Illinois, date back to the 1970’s. Quality Screw & Nut Company (also known as QSN Industries) was known for manufacturing high quality fasteners to the automotive industry.

The inclusion of in-house manufacturing plays a vital role in our ability to offer flexible and reactive services to our customers worldwide.

In addition to manufacturing, Quality Screw & Nut Company brought with it an established laboratory set-up which allows us to offer failure analysis, drive torque strip analysis and general quality monitoring services.

1981 - Distribution Dynamics Inc.

Distribution Dynamics Inc (DDI) was a product of multiple mergers and acquisitions throughout the 80’s and 90’s - ultimately becoming a value-added distributor of fastener components and an inventory management provider.

Brands included Fastener House of Minnesota (FHM Inc.), C-Tech Systems, Medalist, ITW, Badger Fasteners and Pentagon Inc.

In addition to large US footprint and several decades of distribution and logistics expertise, DDI contributes to our ability in the lawn & garden and agriculture markets.

1996 - Falcon House

Falcon House was originally set up with the purpose of supplying importing fasteners and c-class components of American origins into the European market.

The initial product range included unified bolts, sets and nuts in mild steel. This quickly progressed and metric flange bolts, nuts, 12 point screws and other specials were added to the portfolio.

With a proven expertise in both the American and European markets, Falcon House was a perfect fit for the group as we looked to provide a truly global service to all of our customers.

2001 - Total Supply Solutions

Total Supply Solutions Ltd was set up in the UK to facilitate the strategic distribution of fasteners to OEMs in the European market place.

It brings with it 15 years’ of experience in specifying and sourcing high quality, engineered components as well as logistics expertise.

2015 - Optimas Solutions

Optimas Solutions was born in June 2015, when Anixter announced the sale of its OEM Supply – Fastener segment.

As a full service provider to a global customer base our capabilities from day one included 73 distribution centres, 12 laboratories, 1,900+ employees and global sales of more the 10billion fasteners a year.

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