Our Core Values Are:

TEAMWORK One team working together, sharing success and breaking down barriers. 

HONESTY Integrity in all that we do, No exceptions.

RESPECT Listening and trusting our team, solving problems together without accusation.

EXCELLENCE Obsessed with operational excellence and quality.

ACCOUNTABILITY Taking responsibility for our actions and committing to values.

DRIVE Challenging the Status Quo, delivering results with a sense of urgency.

Here at Optimas we are a team driven by our THREAD values to be the best professionals and company we can be. Our commitment to maintaining a collaborative, respectful and sustainable business is encapsulated in our THREAD values. We are all part of Optimas’ voice, and embody these values when we engage with our customers, our team, suppliers, and communities. As we move into the future we seek to drive change and growth, to meet and overcome challenges, and maintain a spirit of excellence based on THREAD. We know that every day we live our values is a day that we fulfill our commitment to good business ethics. 


Every team member is important at Optimas, all of us play an integral role in our success and are expected to live THREAD values. Each team member has unique ideas and talents which we encourage to their fullest potential to drive achievement for all. Optimas has a diverse team that creates shared success through showing dignity and respect to each other. By breaking down barriers and sharing our perspectives, our capabilities grow. We are proud that our team works together to exceed customer expectations around the world.

Our team is valuable and we work to keep each other safe in our work environments. We insist that work be done in a safe and responsible manner. We watch out for each other and ourselves ensuring that every team member follows our health and safety standards.

We understand that at times every member of our team faces challenges, we offer guidance and support in overcoming life's obstacles, including addiction and financial burden, to our team and their families through the Employee Assistance Program.

Violence, and substance abuse drive teams apart and create unsafe, unproductive workplaces that are not compatible with THREAD. We ensure that our team has a safe workplace in which to work and grow; weapons, drugs and alcohol are prohibited at our facilities including parking lots, buildings and outdoor areas. Violent, threatening, or unsafe behaviour will not be tolerated.

Our Optimas team drives value everyday by breaking down barriers to success together. We encourage our team to engage in dialogue on our commitments and to utilise their voices. By fully utilising our Optimas community we ensure our team thrives.  


Honesty is a core principle of how we do business at Optimas. It's not just what we do, its part of who we are. Integrity underpins every aspect of our business, no exceptions. We face the world and our customers on the understanding that Optimas is a team that can be relied on to drive success ethically.

We ensure that the information we give out publicly is honest, accurate and not confidential. We understand the importance of accurate information, when we share about Optimas we are honest but we also respect the need for maintaining confidential information. We do not violate the privacy entrusted to us by the company, our suppliers, customers and team.

It is our commitment to ensure that we maintain honest and fair business practices. We never pay bribes to achieve our business goals. We understand that corruption is damaging to all communities and their citizens. We maintain honest record keeping practices to ensure accurate financial reporting.

We do not accept or provide gifts, favors or entertainment if it would obligate or even appear to obligate the recipient, or influence a business decision. We are mindful that violating gift and entertainment policies could be detrimental to our business relationships and reputation for integrity.

We refrain from even the appearance of a conflict of interest by honestly disclosing to management any and all relationships that might influence our business decisions. These include employment decisions and decisions to buy goods and services. We also do not use our position, contacts or knowledge about Optimas for personal gain, nor do we compete with Optimas or take any Optimas opportunity.


We base our business and conduct on respect at Optimas. It's not just respect for our business deals, team, suppliers and customers; Its respect for ourselves and how we drive success. We do not compromise ourselves by harassing or blaming our team. By solving problems together we encourage our teams to listen to, and trust one another.

Having a non-threatening and respectful workplace is of utmost importance to us. Our workplace is free from demeaning, discriminatory, disparaging, intimidating, offensive, violent, bullying, abusive or otherwise harassing behavior. We report any instances relating to such behavior, knowing that Optimas will take appropriate action in response.

We respect and value your voice at Optimas, we do not tolerate any form of retaliation for good faith reporting of violations or suspected violations of THREAD, policies, and laws or acting as witness or otherwise assisting an investigation. All reports of retaliation will be investigated thoroughly. We want to ensure that employees feel comfortable and safe reporting violations.

At Optimas we thrive on competing vigorously and rising to the occasion, we do so fairly, with respect to our competition, recognizing anti-competitive practices are illegal. Optimas is an exciting and successful company, we are proud to thrive in our industry and we utilize our values to compete lawfully with respect.


Excellence drives the work we do at Optimas and allows us as a team to meet the highest expectations of our customers through optimizing value. We drive familiarity with the highest standards of excellence and work to continuously innovate our service to meet the exact needs of our customers.  

We will always seek to maintain excellent quality standards. Our commitment to quality ensures that our customers do not have to worry about supply chain hold ups or defective fasteners. Committing to quality ensures the safety of our products and all of the Optimas team seeks to rigorously maintain and improve that standard.  By utilising the latest technology and information available to us, we maintain our products on the forefront of quality and safety. We will openly provide all necessary information and warnings on the safe use of our products.

Regardless of your position at Optimas, or what location you do business at, THREAD acts as a guide for your excellent conduct. We work to ensure that every member of our team is able to drive excellence through the performance of their work. Merit and skill will be recognized and appropriately rewarded. Guidance will be provided on meeting your personal and professional goals. We encourage open discussion on maintaining excellence.

By engaging with THREAD values, we engage each other as a team and set a clear standard for excellence in everything that we do. THREAD is the foundation for all our policies, procedures and guidelines. It is a living document that belongs to all of us. You are encouraged to live THREAD values, to utilise them in decision making circumstances and to use your voice to suggest changes and improvements to our THREAD values.


  • Training Program
  • Performance and Training Reviews

  • Quality Standards


Optimas works around the world driving excellence, we have a lot to be responsible for, and we hold ourselves accountable for the results of our actions. As the world changes around us it is important to recognize the environment in which we work, and practice responsible corporate citizenship to push our business into the future.

Recognizing that we do work in unique and valuable communities, we hold ourselves accountable for the impacts of our actions. Optimas provides opportunities and development in the localities in which we work. We ensure that we do not allow bribery or corruption to taint our relationships in these communities.

Our commitment to respecting international trade requirements and preventing money laundering is apparent in how we conduct our business, and our accountability to the law. We recognize the value international trade laws provide by controlling potentially damaging scenarios. It is our goal through accountability to minimize any negative consequences to our team, suppliers, customers and communities.

At Optimas we hold ourselves accountable for the environmental impacts of our actions and ensure that we comply with all applicable environmental laws where we operate. We work to continuously improve efficiency and environmental performance at all our locations. We minimize, reuse and recycle waste wherever possible, and we dispose of any remaining waste responsibly. We know that the health of our business is tied to the health of the communities within which we work and live.

We know the value of the assets and data we handle, and hold ourselves accountable to treating it with the appropriate respect and confidentiality. Optimas knows that the data we handle on a daily basis represents a level of trust from our team, suppliers and customers. We never use or treat such assets or data inappropriately and apply all standards set by law and our policies.


At Optimas we are driven to encourage growth both for ourselves and our customers. Every day we work to our full potential to ensure that we meet and exceed expectations and deliver results on time. We do so by supporting each other and maintaining a workplace that is safe, respectful and conductive to achievement. We take pride in facing and overcoming challenges, everyday provides new opportunities to innovate and challenge the status quo.

Each Optimas team member knows the value of personal development and Optimas will invest in training to drive the development of our team. Our ability to break the status quo is part of what drives Optimas’ value. Each team member’s unique skills and perspectives make our company stronger and better able to deliver results. Training is a valuable way for Optimas to reinvest in us and to make our company more able to exceed expectations.

Optimas knows that the world in which we operate is constantly changing. We drive change in Optimas to provide opportunity, and meet the challenges of an ever changing future. We know that being static in our goals, operations and expectations is no way to face the modern world. We utilise our team’s global voices and input to adapt and drive change to better face our current business environment. By being innovative and flexible Optimas continues to exceed expectations. Our steadfast THREAD values ensure that as we drive change we do not lose sight of our ethics.

“THREAD remains our guide in the future as we ensure that we navigate opportunities and challenges with a steadfast commitment to good business ethics.”



Every member of our team is expected to help maintain our business ethics and culture of excellence. It is important to utilise your voice if you are subject to, or witness violations of THREAD, policies or the law. You can speak to your supervisors, your HR business partner, The Legal Department or a member of the Executive Team. If you are not comfortable approaching any of these people or if you prefer to remain anonymous, we offer the option of the Optimas Alertline:

Alertline- http://alertline.optimas.com

What does THREAD mean to you? We offer guidance for engagement with THREAD and direction on finding further resources. If you have questions or want to add further insights specific to your work, location, or situation we always welcome them.


01 | I sometimes receive emails that contain sexist or racist jokes or pornographic content. What should I do?

These emails are not conducive to RESPECT. Do not share these emails with other team members. Ask the sender not to forward these types of materials, speak to Human Resources or the Legal Department.

02 | We are looking to hire a consultant who will assist us in getting permits in a foreign country. The consultant is seeking a large sum of money and is refusing to sign any paperwork. What should I do?

The consultants behavior is not conducive to HONESTY And ACCOUNTABILITY.To avoid problems with applicable laws, we must take active steps to be sure our payments will not be used to bribe a government official. You should contact our Legal Department for advice prior to engaging this consultant.

03 | A foreign customer asked that we create a commercial invoice that shows a lower value to the goods than what we are actually charging. Can I do this?

No. The customer's request is not conducive to HONESTY. Creating a false document is prohibited. In addition, this could be assisting the customer to commit fraud.

04 | I need to get a part-time job in addition to my Optimas job. Is this a problem?

No, this is not a problem as long as your other job is not with a company that could be a competitor to Optimas and as long as the other job does not affect your ability to do your work with Optimas.

05 | A supplier has asked me to book temporarily an order for more product than we need so it can report the revenue for this year. Is this ok?

No, the suppliers request is not conducive to HONESTY. Creating a false document is prohibited. In addition, this could be assisting the supplier to commit fraud.

06 | I am concerned that a co-worker’s use of alcohol may cause a safety problem. Will my friend be terminated if I report this concern?

Generally not. Optimas’ main concern is the safety and well-being of all of our TEAM. In most cases, the co-worker will be referred to our experts for help and treatment. If the employee has previously violated this aspect of our Policy, disciplinary action may be taken.

07 | My spouse is an employee at a company that does business with Optimas. I have recently been promoted, and in my new job, I will be in contact with my spouse’s company from time to time. What should I do?

You should inform your supervisor and the Legal Department or our Compliance Officer, remember the importance of HONESTY. It is important that any potential conflicts be disclosed so we can anticipate and avoid issues.

08 | At trade shows, I see many people I know who work for Optimas’ competitors. What do I need to do to avoid running into legal trouble?

Remember HONESTY and ACCOUNTABILITY, trade shows and industry group meetings require extra caution. Be sure to avoid discussing pricing or terms of contracts or giving or receiving any competitive information. Even jokes about work-related topics can be misinterpreted. If there is ever a discussion of any of these topics, you should leave the conversation immediately.

09 | A foreign supplier has offered to document our purchases at lower prices than we are actually paying. This will save money on our import duties. Is this permissible?

This offer compromises HONESTY. Creating a false document is prohibited. In addition, this could be assisting the supplier to commit fraud.