Optimas Licensed to Produce Reminc Parts in the UK and US

Published On: August 9th, 2018
GLENVIEW, IL – As a global industrial distributor and service provider for fasteners, Optimas Solutions always looks to supply genuine, high-performance parts to support the manufacturing requirements of its customers. As a part of this philosophy, Optimas holds Research Engineer & Manufacturing Inc. (REMINC) TRILOBULAR® and REMFORM® components manufacturing licenses for its Barton manufacturing facility in the UK and its Wood Dale location in the US. As a result, customers can enjoy the assured quality and performance levels of a genuine part, delivered at the local level to support individual production lines.

REMINC, and its sister company CONTI Fasteners AG, are key global players in proprietary fastener designs, holding a number of patented products that have shaped manufacturing and thread-forming fasteners in general around the world for over 50 years. REMINC has seen its products utilized in a wide range of industries including automotive, industrial, home appliances, garden equipment and electronics among others.

The REMINC range can be grouped under two specific thread families, the TRILOBULAR® (TAPTITE®) and REMFORM® design families. Each is self-threading during assembly, the TAPTITE® family of designs act as a thread-rolling screw primarily for use with metals, while the REMFORM® family of designs provide a thread-forming design primarily aimed at plastics. The REMFORM® screw’s unique asymmetrical thread design minimizes radial hoop stresses to reduce boss bursting versus traditional spaced thread fasteners. On the other hand, the TAPTITE® screw offers exceptional resistance against vibration in application, while its self-threading feature ensures speedy and cost-effective installation and overall in-place cost-savings.

These product licenses deliver distinct benefits to Optimas and its customers, as Tim Egan, President of REMINC explains: “As one of our licensees, Optimas has the capability to produce genuine REMINC parts for use around the world. We assess quality standards and manufacturing processes when granting these licenses, so we can be sure our own high-quality levels are being reflected at Optimas. The Optimas Barton facility offers a quality standard to IATF 16949, while the Wood Dale facility attains ISO/TS 16949:2009 certification, with both providing suitable machine capability to manufacture our products. As a result, any Optimas customer can benefit from the same quality, same design and same specification all over the world.”

Ultimately, these product licenses allow Optimas to deliver global component quality at a local level for manufacturing customers. This means REMINC parts can seamlessly transition from distributor straight onto the customer’s production line, which coupled with the inherent design advantages of REMINC products, delivers the value, ease of integration and time efficiency that manufacturers crave.

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