Optimas is great places to work certified

Our Culture

At Optimas, we commit to living our “THREAD” values in every aspect of our business. These principles guide our decision-making processes and our interactions with our customers, suppliers and each other.


We are collaborators. We are one unified team. We see our customers and suppliers as partners.


There is integrity in everything we do. Everyday.


We listen. We do not rely on assumptions or preconceptions. We work to solve problems together.


We are focused on learning and continuous improvement. We want to understand the details of any situation.


We embrace accountability and responsibility at every opportunity.


We never quit. We are relentless in our efforts to continuously grow.

Our Global Quality Policy

To demonstrate our company culture, we are committed to partnering with our customers, suppliers and team members to establish and maintain high-quality performance levels for our products and services. We do this by leveraging the foundation of our company “THREAD” values to execute our quality policy.

Providing employees with training and professional development resources to support personal, organizational and customer performance objectives.

Complying with applicable regulatory, customer and internal processes.


Adopting risk-based thinking to identify, prioritize and mitigate business risks.

Effectively communicating the company’s strategic and quality objectives and our performance against them.

Promoting a culture of continuous improvement, using problem-solving tools championed by management.

Quality Policy at Optimas

Our DEI Policy

Optimas strives to foster a company culture that prioritizes diversity, equity, and inclusion in our mission and values. Our “THREAD” values only come to life when we embrace our diverse team and make inclusivity a priority. We are committed to acknowledging all our teammates’ perspectives and experiences, which allows us to leverage our team’s expansive knowledge and experience.

We commit to:

  • Encouraging all teammates to share their perspectives and experiences consciously.
  • Shaping an environment that allows all teammates to feel safe and secure in their authentic identity at work.
  • Expecting fair treatment and dignity to be central to all working relationships.
  • Actively listen to our teammates to learn how to improve and grow as a company.
  • Dedicating ourselves to continuing Optimas’ conscious culture of equity, diversity and inclusivity.
Great place to work survey results for optimas

We Are a Great Place to Work!

Our goal is to ensure that Optimas is an excellent workplace for every team member. Below are a few stats from our latest Great Places to Work Survey:

  • 81% of employees said that when they joined the company, they were made to feel welcome. 
  • 90.5% of employees said they feel that they are treated fairly regardless of their race, gender and sexual orientation.  
  • 92% of employees said Optimas is a physically safe place to work.