Full-Service Distributors: The Ultimate EV Equalizer

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Full-Service Distributors: The Ultimate EV Equalizer

A full-service distributor brings a comprehensive, end-to-end approach to electric vehicle production — from fastener design to finished products to inventory management.

How? By providing service characteristics in two critical areas:

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Proven experts uncover manufacturing inefficiencies and propose solutions that increase productivity, lower costs and drive innovative solutions. Services include Gemba walks, advanced product quality planning and rapid prototyping.


With prototyping, full-service distributors can simulate fastener and joint behavior to pinpoint the exact part you need. You can shave time and costs off the engineering process with 3D modeling.

Example Timelines

Model Joint

3D Printing

Usually requires 10 to 18 weeks and $8,000 to $10,000.

Usually prints and completes assessment in 8 to 10 hours.

That’s days, weeks and months Optimas can give back to your startup to invest elsewhere.

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Manufacturing requires proficiency in several disciplines — sourcing, inventory management, operations and quality, just to name a few. If your startup’s resources are limited at first, a partner can fill those gaps for you.

Fasteners, for example, constitute 1% of an EV’s cost…

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but account for half its bill of materials.

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Not only can Optimas engineer and prototype parts down to the tiniest trapping groove, but we can also test each item in our ISO quality lab, which is located near Chicago.

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With IATF and ISO certs, a zero-defect culture and manufacturer awards, Optimas is recognized for standardized global best practices such as Quality Core Tools for meeting cold-form manufacturing and product performance goals.

Services include:

Failure mode and effects analysis.

A state-of-the-art lab for component quality inspection and measurement.

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Your EV company might not have the in-house resources that more tenured automakers do, but a full-service distributing partner can bridge the gap. Using deep expertise and forward-looking processes, Optimas minimizes supply chain risk, optimizes inventory, enhances operations and improves product quality for EV manufacturers. 

Optimas makes insight and efficiency our priority so you can make EV excellence yours.
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