Upfront Quality Prevents Automotive Line Shutdown

In today’s global and complex supply chain, the biggest risk can be ensuring a continuous supply of quality parts in order to avoid a line shutdown. We partnered with a customer to mitigate this risk and achieve a 0 part per million defects rate.

Real Results, Real Impact


Parts Per Million Defects Rate

When their lead supplier stopped delivering to specification, a leading automotive tier manufacturer required improved supply chain risk contingency during a special automotive mirror production project.

Optimas’ quality and technical support teams applied their deep industry expertise by developing a portfolio with a healthier mix of supplier partners and locally-sourced materials while randomly testing products, regardless of source. This provided much needed assurance that quality standards were being met during this higher demand cycle.

The resulting benefits of our work included reduced shipping, freight and time. This enabled the customer to stabilize their supply while restoring the ability to maintain quality controls during this project-specific demand peak and well beyond.