OptiSpec, Optimas Solutions latest innovation, provides customers with a sophisticated bill of materials management & design engineering solution through using an easy-to-use cloud-based application, granting customers and their engineers a database which can significantly improve speed to market of new products.

OptiSpec used in conjunction with Optimas’ inventory management solutions will reduce the number of parts being purchased and bring down operational costs reducing the total cost of ownership of fasteners. 

Optimas’ customers can navigate the database seamlessly to identify components and fasteners dependant on the application requirements from parts already being used that meet quality-level specifications. Through customisable filters, customers can simply refine their search results to find exactly the fasteners they need, as well as detailed specifications such as materials, dimensions, finishes plus much more.

Using the easy-to-use drill down system, OptiSpec users can navigate to find each of the components features, 3D renders, diagrams, and CAD models, which are all downloadable in a variety of formats to suit the customers’ design and MRP system needs.

The Benefits


Cloud Database


CAD File Formats Available


Parts at Your Fingertips

OptiSpec is an engineered fastener search tool that allows our customers to find existing parts for the design phase of a product, with 3D models available in a variety of CAD formats to suit your needs. OptiSpec also supports the prototype phase for customers by making physical parts available from serial production and provides a price advantage by leveraged volumes from the Optimas portfolio.

– Fabien Bobic, Engineering Manager Northern Europe, Optimas Solutions

Optimise Your Bill of Materials

OptiSpec is an outstanding and innovative engineering solution that will optimise your bill of materials and improve your efficiency.

The OptiSpec solution can prevent part proliferation, encourage part rationalisation, and provide our customers the ability to implement rapid prototyping by selecting components already available.

Implement Rapid Prototyping

Thousands of fasteners readily available in a range of dimensions to suit your needs.

Prevent Part Proliferation

OptiSpec helps you efficiency up by allowing customers to quickly identify alternate parts and fasteners.

Encourage Part Rationalisation

Helps improve your operation and supply chain management.

Improve Your Efficiency

Seamlessly find parts dependant on application requirements through easy-to-use online website, OptiSpec.

Downloadable line drawings, diagrams and CAD models in a variety of formats to suit the customers’ design and MRP system needs.

Readily available components selected to allow customers to implement rapid prototyping.

OptiSpec is a fantastic tool for bill of materials management solution, giving vision of parts already in use can prevent part proliferation when it comes to new designs. OptiSpec can provide companies with a portfolio of ready to order parts tailored specifically to their industry and requirements.

– Mike Gaylor, UK Business Development Engineer, Optimas Solutions