On-site Team Saves Luxury Automaker £17 Per Car

When a luxury automaker faced tough KPIs and tight timelines, they knew they needed the right support, onsite and locally, at the right time. They found a strong partner in Optimas and, with our help, reduced fastener variants by 22%.

Real Results, Real Impact


Fastener Variant Reduction

A luxury automaker set high standards with a long list of key performance indicators for a new launch. To reach these expectations, they needed deep expert analysis, design stage transparency, and a solid execution plan.

Due to high demand, our local engineering support moved on-site at the customer’s production facility, thereby establishing a weekly cadence and forum for increased engineering collaboration early in the design phase. The team completed 55 improvement engineering technical consultations during the first calendar month. The cross-functional team began by developing a Preferred Parts list for their engineers to select optimum, cost effective fasteners for all new projects or current BOM updates. An image database was also established that showcased all available fasteners, accessible 24/7 from the customer’s own Intranet.

Our team managed to save the customer over £17 per car, which totaled more than £3M in savings overall. This exceeded the initial request by 100%. We further surpassed the customer’s demands through the Preferred Parts list, easy-to-access fastener database, and weekly fastener forums with all engineering departments which strengthen internal communication and relations.