Optimas Enhances UK Manufacturing with Significant Investment

Published On: June 18th, 2024

Optimas Solutions, a global industrial manufacturer/distributor and supply chain solutions provider, has completed further significant investment to its UK manufacturing facility, in Droitwich at their Barton Cold Form plant, with the addition of a MV-S NewGen EDM Machine.

The latest state-of-the-art technology provides the manufacturing team with further capabilities to produce a variety of complex tooling in-house, at great speeds (17% faster than conventional machines) and precision accuracy to 2 microns.

This investment allows Optimas’ UK manufacturing to become even more self-sufficient, helping to improve lead times, enhance quality control process and reliability of the tooling required for cold forming fasteners. Furthermore, the investment will ensure the tooling on existing parts can be replaced speedily, getting them back into production faster.

Optimas Barton EDM Machine

The MV-S NewGen EDM machine features a new V350 generator which has a significantly higher clock rate. The voltage is built up faster and with greater precision thanks to reduced capacitance loss, and with the faster voltage build-up, the spark duration and working voltage can be lowered. Ultimately, the V350 generator achieves excellent surface qualities at lower power costs, further supporting Optimas’ sustainability roadmap commitments.

Fundamentally, Optimas’ UK manufacturing facility can now produce more at reduced costs. The MV-S NewGen EDM machine improves productive capacity by 30.76%, whilst reducing wire consumption by up to 46%, enabling better results.

As a leading full-service provider, the investment enhances the capabilities Optimas can provide thanks to the improved speed to set up and programme the MV-S NewGen EDM machine – the cutting wire replacement process takes 92 seconds, and the filter can be replaced in less than a minute.

“The new technology gives us a competitive advantage by reducing greatly the amount of tooling we purchase externally. This will save us time and costs associated with producing new, complex tooling,” said Mike Tuffy, CEO, International. “Optimas is the only fastener distributor with cold-form manufacturing in the United Kingdom, United States and soon to be Mexico, and this further enhancement in automation and innovation will allow us to address customer needs faster for complex fastening solutions.”

“The addition of MV-S NewGen EDM machine enables Optimas’ UK manufacturing to further simplify the complex for our customers,” said Frank Walsh, VP UK Manufacturing.

“Optimas’ UK manufacturing provides our UK and European partners with on-shore and near-shore options for supply, in-house fastener design, engineering and production facilities. In addition to all of these processes under one roof, the MV-S NewGen EDM machine will further help significantly reduce customer lead times.”

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