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You may not be able to avoid risk completely, but you can mitigate it by choosing the right sourcing partner like Optimas. When being competitive in your industry means ensuring access to the parts you need while continuously improving productivity, shortening lead times, and saving money, the shorter and simpler your supply chain is, the better.

Supply Chain Results


Reduction in Supply Base

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Parts Locally Sourced

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Annual Stock Expenditure Saving

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The simplified component selection and supply chain that Optimas recommended and manages is helping to significantly reduce costs, minimize risk in the supply chain and increase efficiency. This allows us to focus on growth of our high-performance trains in the UK.

– Robert O’Hara, Category Lead, Interior & Car Body

3 Ways To Reduce Supply Chain Risk

There’s no one way to reduce supply chain risk—there are three. At Optimas, we’ve built expertise in sourcing, manufacturing, and engineering design, so companies can find and trust the solution that works best for them.

Sourcing Solutions

With a global network of 4,000 suppliers and leveraged purchasing power, Optimas can save time and money on C-Class and MRO parts acquisition and consolidation. 

Manufacturing Solutions

The Optimas IATF-certified cold-forming manufacturing facility in Wood Dale, IL provides in-house capabilities, a world class quality testing lab and the capacity to generate a competitive advantage for companies seeking impactful solutions.

Design/Engineering Solutions

Our “Make vs. Buy” strategy, leverages in-house engineers, tool and die makers, machine operators and quality technicians. When you need complex or hard to find fasteners, engineering design services, prototype development, testing, process, and material changes, Optimas engineers can provide the solution. 

When to Use a Manufacturer or Distributor For Your Fastener Supply Chain Needs?

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Zero Impact to Your Production Line

A snag in your production line could impact every other channel of your business. We’re here to minimize your risk. Partnering with Optimas for your logistics and supply chain management and mechanical engineering solutions will keep the flow of production strong.

Get your parts
delivered on time,
every time:

Centralized global platform supported by predictive analytics provide greater supply chain visibility to ensure your stock levels match product demand.

Vast global and local suppliers allow us to pull stock from other locations with complete inventory management from manufacturer to point of use.

Extensive logistics experience, customs requirements and carrier relationships guarantee reliable delivery.

Getting Started

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Frequently Asked Questions About Supply Chain

Take a deeper dive into inventory management implementation best practices.

Over a full production run, redesigning and standardizing this joint
offered both brands significant cost savings while improving product performance
for their customers.

– Steve Adkins, North American Director of Engineering, Optimas

How Can We Stabilize, Secure and Streamline Our Supply Chain?

Find Answers to these FAQs here:

  • Can my company continue to obtain parts numbers, in quantities required, when and where we need them?

  • How can I increase my visibility into the inventory available to me from my current service provider?

  • When is it best to manufacture rather than to source a fastener?

  • Can my current service provider offer 3D print or develop CAD drawings for potential new or prototype parts?

  • When should my company outsource the application design of an individual fastener or component system?