4 New Ways to Enhance Electrification

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Today’s consumer demands of “electrification,” “sustainability,” and “going green” represent real-world methods businesses can use to save costs, reduce waste, lower their carbon footprint, improve efficiencies, and strengthen their hold on emerging markets. At Optimas, we do what we can to elevate our supply chain’s role in an increasingly environmentally conscious world.

In 2021, that includes prioritising sustainability and delivering top-rated expertise and supplier support for businesses working with EV and other future-focused technologies.

Our brand-new Guide to Fastener Selection for Electrification is full of resources to help manufacturers of vehicles and infrastructure to accelerate their electric initiatives.

With fasteners representing 1% of your budget but as much as 50% of your product’s component pieces, we specialise in one of the most easily forgotten aspects of your green initiative.

How can one fastener supplier put your whole business on a path for sustainability success? Here are some of the many ways that Optimas can support you as you go green:

Enhance your electrification expertise with experienced manufacturers at your side

We understand the challenges you face because we face them too. As a manufacturer with a global reach, Optimas’ team is constantly asking the same questions you are: Are we doing enough? Where can we go further? What’s next for sustainability and renewable energy?

The added value of working with Optimas is the ability to harness our experience of having worked with more than 5,000 customers worldwide. You’ll learn what has worked and what has failed. You can see what customers of similar size and sector had to do to succeed. You can learn from the journeys of larger businesses — the ones doing today what you strive to accomplish tomorrow. And it’s all being done with a supplier who can provide you with best-in-class solutions, in real-time.

Trust a sustainability partner that will work with you

As a fastener supplier, it’s extremely important for Optimas to play a role in every customer’s sustainability journey. There’s no point in building sustainable vehicles and electric vehicles if the parts being used don’t come from an equally sustainable source. That’s why we prioritise renewable energy strategies.

Whether it’s operating facilities fully on renewable energy, implementing carbon offset projects, recycling waste, or working to obtain ISO 14001 certification, when you work with Optimas, you know that environmental stewardship is a part of our operational calculation. If we can do it better, safer, and smarter for tomorrow’s world, we’ll strive for that.

Contactless Replenishment technology can boost your reputation for sustainability

Ever since COVID-19 hit, Optimas has pushed hard to implement Contactless Replenishment technology as a viable option for our customers’ daily challenges. But Contactless Replenishment isn’t just about reducing contact during inventory re-stocking, this is a technology that thrives in a sustainability-focused world. From cutting down on overseas transportation to minimising overheads and maximising space, Contactless Replenishment can open the door to plenty of cost-saving strategies.

Go green faster with a one-stop-shop

If there’s one thing we’ve learned from working with hundreds of growing businesses, it’s that you have to get it right from the start. There aren’t many second chances in manufacturing. Missing deadlines or getting the design phase wrong can derail even the most experienced companies. Like we said before, we’ve seen it all and our expertise can be the difference between your business just getting by or actually leading the way in your industry.

Optimas can be by your side from idea to production line installation. Let us show you what we can offer:

  • Need better raw materials? Optimas has access to more than 4,000 global suppliers.
  • Is the design process holding up production? Our prototyping and virtual build capabilities can get you to a finished product to be proud of.
  • Looking to test your products without using your valuable on-site space? Optimas has the quality and engineering experts — plus a state-of-the-art testing laboratory — to help guide your products along the way.
  • Struggling for answers during the workday, in the evenings, on weekends, or during holiday breaks? Optimas provides 24/7 customer service you can trust.

Electrifciation is the tomorrow of the manufacturing industry,and likely every other industry you can imagine. The businesses that strive to make sustainability a part of their operational strategy will be able to do great things in the next decade.

If you’re ready to be at the forefront of today’s sustainability-focused generation of business owners, contact us and we’ll work with you to hit every goal, build the right parts, and be the innovative leader your customers need.

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