3 Benefits of Inventory Management for Farm Machinery Manufacturers

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Many industries are facing increased demand, particularly the farm machinery industry. An increasing number of manufacturers are turning to farm mechanisation and agricultural robotics to optimise farming processes in the face of a growing world population, surging food requirements and labour shortages.

Although this surge in demand is creating significant market opportunity, however, rising material and energy costs alongside disrupted trade routes may hinder manufacturers’ progress. Farm machinery manufacturers are also struggling to source parts not only to manufacture new machines, but repair and maintain older ones. 

However, distributors have adapted to these challenges, and have optimised their inventory management processes to mitigate supply chain risk, so their partners can meet demand. 

With over 100 years’ experience distributing fasteners, we’re experts in reducing risk and improving our partners’ lead times. Employing advanced cloud-based technology, our OptiTech inventory management solutions are perfectly suited to help our partners boost their operational efficiency, using these three key elements: 


Data Analytics 

In the face of continued supply instability, it’s never been more crucial for manufacturers to monitor their inventory usage. Our OptiTech inventory management solutions use real-time data and predictive analytics to automate inventory replenishment, meaning you’ll always have the right parts, at the right time. 

We also prioritise data transparency, providing our partners with an unparalleled insight into demand and product availability. Producing both standard and customised reports, we supply a thorough understanding of our partners’ inventory usage, including information like BoM profiles and inventory turns. 


Full Integration 

We work with a wide range of businesses to help optimise their inventories, providing full-service and self-managed programs. 

With a full-service program, we can either deliver and fill your bins at a scheduled time, or an onsite Optimas team member or in-plant store can replenish your inventory. On the other hand, in a self-managed inventory program, we ship parts directly to your plant and your staff fill the bins.  

Alongside conducting regular analyses of your part consumption, we can provide all of the systems and equipment you’ll need to manage your inventory, or integrate them with what you use today. We’ll then train you on how to access the JIT System for tracking and reporting. 


Customer Support 

Each individual inventory management solution we provide comes with a dedicated Optimas customer service representative, who monitors your transactions and fasteners to prevent disruption to your production line. 

As a global business with a local presence, our customer service representatives are always on-hand to support you with your supply requirements. 

In a time of increased demand for farm machinery, it’s never been more important for businesses to make sure they have the right parts, at the right time. Work with us to streamline your supply chain and meet demand. 

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