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Do more with less. Free up your staff to focus on what matters most.

Increase Your Manufacturability

Our operations management experts will “walk the line” with you and assess how you can “efficiency up.” We’ll analyze your operations and find ways to remove non-value added activities and drive continuous improvement.

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Kitting and

Save labor and time with pre-packaged kits and pre-assembled parts.

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Labeling and

More efficiently route, find and replenish your parts with customized labels and packaging.

5S sort, set in order, shine, standardize, sustain

Lean 5S

Eliminate waste and increase productivity with a clean, safe and organized production line.

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Ergonomic Parts
and Tooling

Our engineers can help redesign your parts, assembly and tooling for improved productivity and labor savings.


Achieve Greater Transparency

Our custom reporting and regular business reviews provide the transparency you need to make data-driven decisions that continuously improve your operations management.


Transparency in your operations management means that you have a full, 360 view of the next steps in your inventory management or supply chain solution process is.

We can help you answer questions such as:

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How much money do I have tied up in nuts and bolts on the floor?

How many inventory turns am I getting for each fastener/bin stock?

What are my usage patterns and bin quantities?

Am I at the right min/max levels for maximum productivity?

What is my on-time delivery percentage?

What cost savings am I getting from my supplier?

$5.9M Lifetime Cost Savings

Developed standard practices for joint design and common-plating, reducing inventory and increasing manufacturability.

By partnering with Optimas, I now have control and full visibility of our inventory, which allows me to make the right decision at the right time. I also have the ability to focus my team on those tasks where we can really make a difference.

– Rogelio Martínez, Materials Manager, EZI Metales

Enhance Your Operations Today

Let Optimas expert operations management solutions streamline your business – it all starts with a line walk.