Optimas Solutions Licensed to Manufacture Phillips Drive Systems

Published On: August 24th, 2018
GLENVIEW, IL – Optimas Solutions, a global industrial distributor and service provider of fastening and supply chain solutions, is licensed by The Phillips Screw Company to manufacture a number of its innovative drive systems. This further reinforces Optimas’ commitment to producing advanced, reliable high-quality fastening solutions for challenging industrial applications.

In addition to managing a global network of high-quality suppliers, Optimas also has its own manufacturing capabilities. These enable Optimas to react quickly to unexpected product and component demands, thus supporting its customers with a flexible supply chain. Optimas’ manufacturing facilities specialize in cold forming and offer a wide range of services, from design and prototype testing to full-scale production of highly-specialized components.

As part of Optimas’ ongoing commitment to providing high-quality fasteners, the company holds manufacturing license agreements with The Phillips Screw Company. Optimas’ manufacturing sites, located in Wood Dale, IL, U.S., and Droitwich, UK, are licensed to produce PHILLIPS SQUARE-DRIV®, ACR® PHILLIPS II®, MORTORQ® Super and External MORTORQ® Super drive systems for automotive and heavy industrial applications.

Phillips Screw Company is the inventor of the original 1930s’ Phillips® drive system and continues to develop innovative, high-quality fastening solutions such as MORTORQ® Super high strength spiral drive and External MORTORQ® Super bolting systems. These are a family of products that, thanks to their long product lives, are used in challenging environments.  MORTORQ® spiral drive products feature high torque control which is achieved by providing a greater contact surface area between the driving tool and fastener head.

Phillips’ quality monitoring program guarantees that only manufacturers that can deliver consistent precision and reliability are issued with a license to manufacture these drive systems. Within Phillips’ exclusive global network of fewer than 100 manufacturers, Optimas is licensed in both the US and UK.

Mike Mowins, President of Global Licensing at Phillips, commented: “Optimas has been a licensed manufacturer for many years, and this relationship has been highly advantageous for both parties. The numerous certifications and quality standards that Optimas adhere to attest to the quality of the components manufactured. These include ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS 18001 and the latest VDA 6.2 and IATF 16949.”

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