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Influenced by UK Government sustainability expectations and increased demand, 2022 has seen a rapid increase in the production of electric vehicles. In July, almost a third (29.9%) of cars produced in the UK were electric, plug-in hybrids or hybrid electric, amounting to 17,356 units, with battery electric vehicle volumes up 65.9%. The UK government is also aiming to ban the sale of new petrol and diesel cars by 2030, meaning that for manufacturers, electric vehicle production isn’t just a choice, but it’s becoming a necessity. 


How well can UK infrastructure cater to this electric boom?  

According to ZapMap, there are currently only 42,000 charge points across the UK, contributing to the range anxiety of many prospective customers. The SMMT (Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders), however, has advised that 2.3 million charging points will be needed in the UK by 2030 to meet rising demand. To meet this target, we’d have to install 700 charging points every day for the rest of the decade. 

The SMMT have launched a pilot scheme, backed by £20m of government funding, with the aim of installing more than 1000 public charge points across the UK. Clearly, then, the demand for EVs requires a rapid production of charging points on a large scale. 

Here at Optimas, we’re experts in EV infrastructure, and we understand the importance of using components that reduce thermal conductivity and offer optimum insulation. Whether you’re producing EVs or charging points, we’re committed to supplying quality C-Class components when and where you need them. Our OptiTech VMI Solutions can help you improve forecast accuracy, boosting productivity and avoiding waste to reduce your outgoings. Consider working with us to meet the demand for your electric products and produce more with less.

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