2022 Top 5 Most Popular Optimas Blogs

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What was top of mind for manufacturers, distributors and suppliers this year?

The most viewed Optimas blogs cover PPAP (quality), inventory management solutions and streamlining supply chain. Dive into these popular topics and more by reading The Top 5 Optimas Blogs of 2022!

5 Reasons Manufacturers Use Vendor Managed Inventory Programs

Here’s a look at five reasons why Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) is a growing practice to streamline your supply chain, reduce costs, increase part consumption visibility and redeploy labor for more important activities.

6 KPIs to Measure The Value of Your VMI Program

A great VMI program, one that delivers significant cost and time savings, is likely one that has been measured and optimized over time. The six KPIs we’ll explore in this post will help you track and use critical data to make continuous improvements to your program.

The Myths and Realities of Proper PPAP Submissions

When used correctly, PPAP is a very reliable tool — but too many times we see miscommunication and false assumptions about PPAP, which can delay or even upend delivery of engineered parts.

How Onshore Manufacturing Secures the Supply Chain

Onshoring provides more than environmental and cost-saving measures in manufacturing, though. The opportunity to streamline supply chains is one of the more significant benefits of onshore sourcing and manifests itself in many ways, including:

Quality Assurance in Manufacturing: What You Need to Know About the PPAP Process

When the topic of quality assurance in manufacturing comes up, there are common misconceptions that arise. One that occurs often is that the definition of quality requirements is too subjective. Then, there are misconceptions that quality assurance is the responsibility of one person or group within a business, which leads to wondering whether the investment in quality assurance outweighs the results.

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