Sustainable and Lightweight: Fasteners for Engine and Transmission

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From advancements in hybrid technologies to AI-powered cars, the automotive industry is experiencing rapid and monumental changes, including manufacturers of engine and transmission systems. 

Alternative fuels like electricity and hydrogen are currently dominating the market, and these technologies don’t require engines and transmission systems. However, electric vehicles bring with them significant range, heat and lightweighting issues, plus automotive hydrogen technology is still very much in its infancy, meaning more traditional vehicles are still in high demand. 

Nonetheless, in the face of increasingly stringent government sustainability regulations, all manufacturers are expected to improve fuel efficiency and lower the environmental impact of their vehicles, especially those producing diesel and petrol cars. The heavier the vehicle, the less fuel efficient the car is, meaning many manufacturers are turning to engineered, lightweight solutions for their vehicles. Engineering innovation for engine and transmission also remains a key consideration for those manufacturing hybrids. 


Lightweight Solutions for Engine and Transmission, down to the Smallest of Parts 

Engine and transmission manufacturers are revolutionising the design of their builds to lessen their weight, creating lucrative opportunities for engineering innovation. However, it’s important manufacturers don’t lose sight of some of the smallest but most crucial parts in their products – fasteners.  

In some projects engine and transmission fasteners can make up nearly 50% of a Bill of Materials, but may only constitute 1% of a project’s budget. Nonetheless, reducing fastener weight can have a significant impact on the overall weight – and therefore fuel efficiency – of an engine or transmission system. Automotive fasteners should therefore be made of high-quality materials and thoroughly tested before they are put to use in a vehicle application, to avoid impinging on vehicle performance. 


How Optimas can help 

With over 100 years’ experience supplying automotive OEMs, we can help you drive efficiency across your manufacturing operations.  

Not only do we manufacture and distribute a wide range of standard and specialised fasteners and components across the globe, but our dedicated fastener engineers work with our partners from product design to production line to optimise their products for use.  

With our unparalleled industry expertise, we supply manufacturers of: 

  • In-line Engines 
  • W Engines 
  • V-Types 
  • Variable displacement engines (VDEs)   
  • Hybrids 



  • Manual Transmission  
  • Intelligent Manual Transmission (IMT)  
  • Automated Manual Transmission (AMT)  
  • Automatic Transmission (AT)  
  • Dual-clutch Transmission systems. 


Additionally, we also specialise in rapid PPAP approvals for manufacturers looking to maximise their product quality and boost their time to market. 

To find out more about our engineering capabilities, you can do so here. Partner with us to meet the demand for low-emissions vehicles. 

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