Fastener electrification white paper cover with bin filled with hex nuts

Six Considerations When Choosing Fasteners for Your EV Project

Fasteners account for 1% of your project budget but can make up nearly 50% of your product’s parts. They are literally the glue that holds your product together.

So how do you know you are selecting the right fasteners that benefit your electric vehicle build? Download our white paper now.

How Do Fasteners Make a Difference?

Strategic fastener selection can help you: 

  • Reduce cost and weight and boost your distances
  • Increase supply chain efficiency and stay on schedule
  • Improve product performance through better engineering
Animated electric car made of different nuts, bolts and screws

Learn what size, material, insulation type, non-ferrous options and
more can decrease cost and timing while increasing performance.

Fasteners: A Small But Important Part Of Your Electrification Strategy

Consider fastener suppliers who can meet the changing demands of custom components under constrained lead times and assist with engineering support, including running tests within their onsite labs to demonstrate the technical performance of their parts.

Electric Motor with a hex bolt and hex nut

Electrification is moving fast.

We make EV production faster.

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