Optimas has the flexibility and speed to react to our fluctuations in demand. Stockouts are not an option for us and Optimas has done a really good job supporting us to improve our forecasting accuracy.
Director, Purchasing, Semiconductor Manufacturer

Technology is always evolving, which requires key players in high tech industries to continually push the envelope of what is possible. Emerging solutions can become industry standard overnight, so manufacturing operations in this sector must be nimble and ready to adapt. The components and fasteners required to support these operations must be innovative, with specialist coatings and materials such as stainless steel and nylon the baseline standard in most cases.

In addition, the production processes in the industry are incredibly stringent, placing increased emphasis on carrying out production in cleanrooms or other lab environments. Sensitive equipment requires sensitive production and supply, which usually translates into increased logistical demands. Lead times may be governed by pre-assembly or hygienic procedures, all of which must be balanced with total reliability of supply.

Keeping you ahead of the curve

Optimas delivers a nimble approach to provide exact solutions for technically demanding applications. A fluid service offering means Optimas can tailor every supply partnership to meet the exact needs of manufacturers in the high tech sector. This means that despite the ever-changing nature of the market, Optimas can always keep pace.

We offer our customers a wide portfolio of specialized components for specific applications, as well as providing a bespoke parts capability backed by proof of performance. Alternatively, we can integrate with your existing supply chain and specialist suppliers, to ensure that we support the specific interests of your business. Our highly trained teams can operate to any supply requirement, whether working in cleanrooms or supplying hygienic packaging. This ensure that whatever your aspect of precision engineering, we can provide the precise supply to match your varied requirements.

High Tech industry engagement highlights

  • We have an in-depth understanding of the fluctuating life cycles inherent to the high tech market.
  • We offer highly specialized plating capabilities.
  • We develop unique solutions packages, customized to meet and service individual business needs and goals.
  • We take a proactive, integrated approach to partnership.
  • We have the flexibility to scale operations, allowing us to tackle unforeseen challenges that you may face in the future.

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