Optimas has been a strategic partner for nearly a decade. Their understanding of our industry and the latest technology has provided substantial benefits to our business.
Purchasing Manager, Lawn & Garden Equipment Manufacturer

The lawn and garden industry requires specialist solutions, with products such as riding mowers, lawn tractors and other garden machinery demanding cost-effective and durable fasteners. OEM manufacturers require profitable and efficient operations, so standardizing solutions and expediting production are the key provisos of a successful fastener supply partnership.

Garden machinery is typically produced in high volume, meaning reliable supply is of great importance. Competitive component pricing can also ensure that savings are compounded throughout the production lifecycle, so leaning on a partner with a deep understanding of the market can go a long way to securing an optimized and integrated fastener approach.

A Long-Term Promise

Optimas currently manages over 250 global component suppliers that specialize in garden machinery and offers over a decade of experience working with OEM manufacturers in the sector. This breadth of expertise means that all components are offered with competitive pricing, allowing manufacturing partners to select specialized components within a predefined budget. A fully integrated approach to fastener supply ensures a tailormade approach to each operation, ensuring that whatever garden equipment you produce, Optimas can optimize fastener policy to specific demands.

Our focus on quality is total, which is why we are accredited to ISO 9001 and ISO-TS 16949 standards. Furthermore, we can provide dedicated teams who specialize in the production of a variety of garden machinery to help support your operations. Ultimately, through optimized component supply, we can ensure that you can reach new levels of success and efficiency in your business.

Industry Engagement Highlights

  • We have over 10 years of experience serving the garden equipment industry
  • We have an in-depth understanding of the fluctuating life cycles inherent to the lawn and garden market
  • We develop unique solutions packages for garden equipment, customized to meet and service individual business needs and goals
  • Fully accredited to ISO 9001 and ISO-TS 16949 standards to ensure operational quality and compliancy
  • We take a proactive, integrated approach to fastener partnership.
  • We have the flexibility to scale operations, allowing us to tackle unforeseen challenges that you may face in the future

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