During a line revamp, the feedback from the production line is that it complements what we are trying to do and looks a lot more professional, a real step forward and improvement. The benchmark has now been set, everyone else needs to up their standards. The knowledge and work ethic of the Optimas Envoy is second to none, I wish I had 50 of him on this site.
Materials Manager, Off Highway Equipment Manufacturer

Incorporating agriculture, construction and mining, off-highway vehicles must offer the maximum in productivity and reliability despite challenging application environments. Fasteners must be robust and durable to be effective, with impact shocks and high mechanical stresses a common occurrence when operating such vehicles.  

Steeped in variation, off-highway vehicles take many forms and throw up many unique challenges. This specialization requires exact solutions tailored to specific demands. For a fastener partner, an innate knowledge of applications and industry demands is the minimum level for selecting appropriate fasteners.

Robust understanding and proven performance

Optimas is a full-service provider for the off-highway industry, delivering over 14,000 part numbers to the agriculture market and 10,000 to the mining and construction industries. Operating as an integrated fastener partner, Optimas is able to gauge requirement on a facility by facility basis, ensuring that fastener policy is agile and can service differing application environments. With a global reach, Optimas can tailor its methodology to support specific vehicles or production demands, informed by its dedicated team of off-highway fastener experts. This approach has seen Optimas support the agriculture market for 32 years, and construction and mining for 20 years.

With a global portfolio of high performance fasteners, we can select robust fasteners at a competitive cost point, ensuring that highly engineered solutions can still form part of an economic fastener strategy. With deep experience inherent in the business, we can service any production line requirement or assembly process, optimizing the approach to fastener supply to suit varied manufacturing methodologies.  Furthermore, our understanding of the demands of each industry ensures that from the smallest component, our design engineering capability is focused on ensuring that your finished product displays maximum quality and performance.

Industry Engagement Highlights

  • We have over 32 years of experience serving the agriculture market, and 20 years of service in the construction and mining industry
  • We have an in-depth understanding of the fluctuating life cycles inherent to the off-highway market
  • We develop unique solutions packages, customized to meet and service individual off-highway business needs and goals
  • Full engineering capability available to all partners
  • We take a proactive, integrated approach to fastener partnership
  • We have the flexibility to scale operations, allowing us to tackle unforeseen challenges that you may face in the future
part numbers

Optimas supplies over 10 thousand part numbers to the construction & mining market annually.


Optimas manages over 2,000 suppliers that service the agricultural market.

market experts

Optimas has hundreds of experts dedicated to construction & mining, and even more are focused on the agricultural market.

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