Optimised Production Line Results in Efficiency Gains

We combined manufacturing line expertise with production best practices in refitting and rebuilding two production lines for full value chain visibility. During the project optimized a 1,250,000 square foot facility project and improved efficiency by 15%.

Real Results, Real Impact


Efficiency Gain

Faurecia relies on Optimas for a wide range of high-quality fasteners and C-class parts. When a market leader like Faurecia continually expands its product lines, there is a risk for SKU proliferation to occur with these low-cost, high-volume parts. Having too many parts can lead to increased costs and redundant and excess inventory. Optimas recognized that Faurecia could create a more efficient supply chain and improve its speed to market with a standardized global part catalog.

Our cross-functional experts began the discovery process by qualifying data and preparing for the installation of much-needed logistical hardware. The installation of the hardware included miles of new cabling to upgrade the 1.2 million square feet facility, playing a vital role in creating the desired, brand-managed system that would bridge the customer and Optimas supply chain.

Our work optimized the 1,250,000 square foot facility project and improved efficiency by 15%. Moreover, the customer was delighted during periodical joint auditing throughout the planning and execution phases. Mutually agreed standards were set and scheduled periodically after the implementation.