"I enjoy the methodical and technical approach that's necessary to solve engineering problems."


I'm part of a team that runs functional trials of new vehicle parts. As an engineer, it's my job to solve technical and application problems while looking for ways to keep quality high and costs low for our customers through our Total Value Management practice. This builds on my previous experience at Optimas as both a project and process engineer, where I managed close partnerships with our customers and balanced production lines, takt time analysis, and definition process parameters. 


I start my days by checking in with my manager to make sure we're aligned on priorities. Sometimes I'll join customer launch meetings, but most of my day is spent analyzing and responding to engineering problems. 


One of the best parts of my job is working directly with customers to support them and help solve tough engineering problems. I value that partnership, and I enjoy the methodical and technical approach that's necessary to solve those problems.


I use my specialized knowledge about fasteners, Optimas methods and processes, and my engineering background to analyze problems thoroughly and respond to customers quickly. 


My favorite hobby is driving ATVs. It's especially relaxing on rainy days, and helps me to stay stress-free.

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