Reduced BOM for new product platform saves £400k

Real Results, Real Impact


Cost Saving

The customer’s design teams and purchasing departments had differing objectives during the project, so a knowledgeable fastener partner was required to bring engineering and cost into confluence. Streamlining component selection to reduce costs during the Verify Fit and Function (VFF) stage of the new car, whilst simultaneously defining fastener policy, was a process similar to predicting the future.

Optimas engineers were involved from project conception, offering engineers existing fasteners that achieved engineering requirements at reduced price. Components were consolidated throughout the project which removed 136 individual components from the BoM during prototyping.

Furthermore, reducing parts and tracking component usage throughout VFF builds enabled engineers to streamline fastener selection and supply early on in the project.

The customer was able to reduce obsolescence, streamline and define fastener policy while also generating an estimated £400k cost saving in the first year.