Throughout the prototyping stage of the TX5, Optimas has been a dynamic fastener partner who has helped us to achieve application goals to demanding schedules at a competitive cost point.
- Lead Engineer for LEVC


Leading manufacturers require highly engineered products to ensure their newest applications remain competitive in a global market place. Now, more than ever before, an increased emphasis is placed on providing these components with reduced lead times and cost savings. Utilizing Optimas’ design engineering capabilities, customers can benefit from highly optimized engineered solutions to maximize efficiency and profitability in industries as diverse as heavy truck, automotive, agriculture, power generation and lawn/garden.

Design Engineering Capabilities

Optimas offers its customers a wide range of expertise regarding the design of fasteners:

  • Product development, analysis and testing
  • Failure analysis and re-design recommendations
  • Re-engineering of existing fasteners
  • Fastener design and engineering recommendations
  • Dedicated engineering centers with torque/tension testing capabilities
  • Root cause analysis and corrective actions
  • Industry leading fastener design, modelling and engineering capabilities
  • Licensed products including Taptite®, High Torque®, Mortorq®, Mathread® and more

We offer a proactive approach that is enabled by our team of qualified application, manufacturing and quality engineers; who on average offer 20 years’ experience in the fastener sector.

Our application engineers are often embedded within a customer’s facilities as an extension of their engineering department. This close relationship allows us to play an active role within product development and innovation activities taking place within assembly plants along the line—where quality and productivity matter most.

Cost Saving

In addition, Optimas provides customers with integrated SKU management, enabling a reduction in fastener investment while still attaining application goals:

  • Reviews of engineered fasteners
  • Standardization and rationalization of existing fasteners
  • Part number consolidation and SKU management
  • Software-enabled visibility and total cost tracking
  • Continuous improvement towards cost saving

With an innate understanding of customer pressures, Optimas proactively ensures that cost saving and high-performance fasteners are not mutually exclusive.

We balance the sourcing and development of fastener solutions to deliver year-on-year cost savings, without compromising the engineering quality of the final product.

Fastener engineering, development and testing

The optimum fastener solution may not necessarily be an existing one, so Optimas offers customers full design engineering capabilities for fasteners. State-of-the-art manufacturing facilities around the world provide prototype development and testing, which ensures that your product launch in properly supported with proven engineered fastener solutions. Full materials testing is carried out by independent labs, ensuring that components meet the quality standards of your product.

We excel at the creation and sourcing of highly-engineered parts with big impact, balancing substantial year-over-year cost reductions without compromise to the end product. Our customers find that partnering with our engineers results in increased efficiencies, improved product integrity, and better overall conformance, meeting and often exceeding standard requirements. 


Optimas has hundreds of technical experts dedicated to helping our customers make informed decisions.

Worldwide Quality labs

State-of-the-art quality centres ensure the highest standards of excellence are met with every component delivered.

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