Caterpillar Logistical Center Quality Award Highlights Optimas Solutions Zero Defect Culture Philosophy

Published On: April 23rd, 2018
SUZHOU, CHINA – Optimas Solutions of Suzhou, China, has been recognized by Caterpillar logistical center for its constant efforts towards a zero defect culture, by being awarded its 2017 Best Quality Award.

The world-leading Fortune 100 manufacturer of machinery and engines singled out the industrial distributor and service provider due to its exceptional service of Caterpillar logistical facilities in China. Specifically, Optimas Solutions provides timely deliveries of high-quality fasteners and c-class components.

A reliable supply of components is key to any manufacturer, with a combination of assured component quality and reliable logistical delivery systems a key proponent of ensuring uptime in production operations. Working with Caterpillar logistical center, Optimas Solutions has been continually improving product quality, which is measured in parts per million (PPM) defect rates.

Elone Zhong, Quality Manager at Optimas Solutions who received the award commented, “We have improved our defect rating from 60 PPM in 2016 to 3 PPM in 2017 for Caterpillar’s China Logistics Centre (CLC). This significant improvement displays our constant efforts towards providing excellence in our service. Caterpillar logistical center has recognized this initiative – which has been enabled by the constant hard work of our team – as a real benefit to its operations, so we are delighted.”

Optimas Solutions has been working with Caterpillar logistical center for over 8 years in China. Currently, the business supports 8 separate factory facilities in the region, also incorporating support for Caterpillar sub-brands Perkins and FGW. Optimas Solutions HQ is based in Suzhou which is well placed to serve the wide range of demands of manufacturing customers in China.

Dan Jack, EMEA & APAC President at Optimas Solutions, concludes, “Quality is a key area of our culture and service, and targeting zero defect rates means we have the inherent expertise to provide fasteners or c-class components to customers of all sizes with a high level of assurance. Our teams will be again looking to continuously improve on this moving forward.”

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