Optimize Your Inventory


Balance your inventory to meet production demand—and produce more with less.

Inventory Management Solutions

Manage your parts from procurement to replenishment with our customized Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) Programs. OptiTech VMI Solutions will enhance your ability to improve forecast accuracy, respond to changing demands quickly and automate inventory optimization and replenishment. With greater visibility into your inventory and consumption, you’ll dramatically reduce costs, speed fulfillment and boost productivity.

Optimas’ effective inventory management solutions have been helping businesses reduce costs for decades.


  • Reduced Inventory
  • Less Overhead
  • Higher Productivity
  • Improved Demand Planning
  • Minimized Excess & Obsolescence

Optimas VMI Programs

We offer full-service or self-managed programs with flexible technology, packaging and delivery options. Our experienced inventory optimization experts work with you to evaluate and select the optimal VMI Program for your business needs.

Cardboard box with nuts, screws and bolts coming out of it

$930K Annual Cost Savings

Inventory management and part rationalization program improves operational efficiency.

Engineering Expertise

Streamline your bill of materials and increase your speed to market with expert services:

Long hex bolt


Through a part assortment analysis, we’ll uncover ways to consolidate and standardize your SKUs to reduce cost and complexity.


We’ll disassemble your product down to its components and then find ways to re-engineer the product for design, cost and quality improvements.


Our fastener engineers assess everything from materials to plating to find the best quality parts for new or improved product design.

$1.8M Annual Cost Savings

A standardized global part list for multi-program use results in efficiency gains and cost savings.

The Optimas part standardization program not only reduced our piece part costs, but it also enabled us to launch new products quicker, decrease inventory obsolescence, improve product quality and increase customer satisfaction.

– Rainer Schulze, Global Commodity Director, Metals & Mechatronics, Faurecia